3rd December

The Wadaiko player

There is no scores for Wadaiko, the learning and the performs are totaly by memory… and it is a down of time passing from generation to generation.
The concentration needed was so beautifully visible during the performance…

There is no scores in the Wadaiko. Learning and interpretation are totally from memory, and it is a transmission since the down of time, passing from generation to generation.
The needed concentration was so beautifully visible during the performance….

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2nd December

Christina Rossetti

J’aimerais rendre hommage aujourd’hui à une poétesse préraphaélite, qui fut à la fois une des icônes de ce mouvement crée notamment par son frère, et une grande figure artistique de son temps.
Femme engagée, pacifiste, contre l’esclavagisme, féministe et suffragette avant l’heure, elle sacrifia beaucoup à sa foi et son art.

Une grande partie de ses poèmes sont sur poetryfondation


When I am dead,

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1st December

To celebrate the upcoming of the end of the year festivities, I decided on this rather special forward calendar ^^^
One of my photographs highlighted every day but also another post on a theme, an art, something that just have gone straight through my heart ^^
I will try to stick to it during this month ^^

The snow dragon

Not only in the clouds are hidden fabulous beings ^^
I caught this Chinese dragon,

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